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Declaring A Track

To declare a track in business administration please meet with your advisor.

Here are some tips if you are having difficulty deciding on a track:

  • Make an appointment to see an advisor. Business Administration advisors can talk with you about what you feel are your strengths, the kinds of things you like to study and what your plans are for the future. Your career plans may fit in a particular Track, a double major or a minor. If not, you can create your own self-defined track (the General Management Track).
  • Review information online about the different Tracks.
  • You can visit the Career Center and use their resources to explore: What do people who study finance, marketing, consulting, etc; do after graduation?
  • Make an appointment to meet with the advisors of each of the Tracks you think you might like. Come prepared with some specific questions about that track - about the courses you'd take and about what it prepares you for. Also, make appointments with the advisors for any double majors or minors in which you are interested so that you can find out that information.
  • All of this exploration may help you clarify what you want to focus on. If not, go to see the advisor for the General Management Track, Professor Cofield (Business Administration Executive Director). He can help you put together a combined Track or to create a self-defined Track that meets your own needs.

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