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Carnegie Mellon Business Association

Mission Statement

CMBA (Carnegie Mellon Business Association) is a student-run organization that focuses on providing undergraduate students with a better understanding of the business world by developing the professional and social skills needed in business-related fields.

Our annual events include Tepper Orientation, Etiquette Dinner, Business Fashion Show, Tepper Ball, Tepper Pride Day, Tepper Spirit Day, Waffle Registration Party, Professor Dinners, and Networking Events.

Message from the President

CMBA is about more than just hosting events for Tepper students. It is about connecting with one another on an individual level in order to make sure that everyone gets a chance to feel connected to the Tepper School as a whole. We try to accomplish that by providing opportunities for people to meet one another and grow on an individual level while getting the chance to meet people from vastly different backgrounds. Here at Tepper, we're in the business of inclusion, so come by to one of our events, say Hi and join the Tepper community today!

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