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Undergraduate Economics Program AY 2011-2012 Manual (.pdf)

The Undergraduate Economics Program offers four undergraduate major degrees: B.A. in Economics, B.S. in EconomicsB.S. in Economics and Mathematical Sciences, and B.S. in Economics and Statistics. All four degree program are intended for students who are interested in using economic theory and analysis to solve complex problems.  The four degrees share a solid grounding in economics theory, quantitative analysis (economic, mathematical, statistical), and communication skills. The four degrees differ in the level of mathematical sophistication and in the focus of the statistical analysis. All three degree degrees prepare students for graduate school (academic and professional), the business world, and public service.

All CMU undergraduates have the possibility of earning a dual degree, an additional major in Economics, a minor in Economics; or a Minor in Innovation, Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

Declaring a Major, Dual Degree, Additional Major, or Minor in Economics

The declaration of a major, minor, additional major, and dual degree is an important process in your academic career. It is the result of an intellectual and personal inventory of interests, skills, and goals. During your first terms at Carnegie Mellon, take the time to investigate the different academic programs and degrees offered by the university. Seek out information from your classmates, older students, faculty, and staff; they are valuable resources.

Click here for information about the process of declaring a major, dual degree, additional major, or minor in economics.

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