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Benefits Of Membership


Serve Communities Around The World
The core of SCIO is to help fuel growth and self-sustainability in global communities

Gain International Knowledge and Work Experience
Club members have the option to travel to the country where the project will be implemented and have the opportunity to experience the region's culture, cuisine, and beauty while working to empower communities and create bonds with the local people and organizations.

Learn And Employ Consulting Techniques
SCIO has a relationship with Deloitte that allows club members to network with and learn from working consulting professionals in order to gain the skills and talents to develop the project. Members also meet professionals in areas related to the project and project development.

Create Campus-Wide And Community Connections
SCIO is one of the few clubs that encourages and allows membership from students at other colleges on campus, creating an expansive network from which to access resources and to create working relationship beyond the Tepper community.

Contribute To A Member-Driven Organization
Club members are the key foundation for SCIO's success; ideas, suggestions, and individual experience is important to giving members the best experience possible and to presenting the greatest success for the project community and for the future of the organization.

Engage In Professional And Fun Events
Being part of a highly-motivated and successful group of people does not mean there is no room for fun!  Along with the professional and community driven areas of the organization, SCIO members also know how to kick their shoes off and have a good time!  The club hosts Tepper B**rs and socials to keep the merriment alive!

Cultivate A Nationwide Organization That Is Continuing To Expand And Develop
The current SCIO organization spans across multiple universities and and is looking to develop to additional universities across the nation, creating expansive networks and relationships. Members will facilitate growth and innovation to a young organization.


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