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Cooper Award

The William W. Cooper Doctoral Dissertation Award is awarded each year to a dissertation that deals with issues and problems in management or management science and has a strong applications orientation with accompanying theoretical or methodological developments.

"Management" is interpreted broadly to include the functional fields of accounting and budgeting, finance, marketing, production, operations management, organization, policy, and human resources management, whether the context is in business, government or not-for-profit organizations. "Management science" is likewise interpreted broadly to include concepts or methodologies in operations research, behavioral science, statistics, econometrics, and the information and communication sciences that are or can be used in management.

The award was established in 1989 in honor of Dr. William W. Cooper, GSIA/Tepper faculty member from 1949-1968, and the first dean of the Heinz School (now Heinz College) from 1968-1975.

1991:  Anitesh Barua
1992:  David Green
1993:  Haresh Gurnani
1994:  Frederick J. Riggins
1995:  Rajdeep Singh
          Steve Sung
1996:  Prabu Davamanirajan
1997:  Roman Kapuscinski
1998:  Srinagesh Gaverneni
1999:  Li Zhang
2000:  Munir Tolga Akcura
2001:  Hoon Kim
2002:  Rahul Telang
2003:  Shibo Li
2004:  Senthil K. Veeraraghavan
2005:  Amy Xue Sun
          A. Cevdet Aydemir
2006:  Michael Peress
2007:  Iulian Obreja
2008:  Fernando Anjos
2009:  Guoming Lai
2010:  Vineet Kumar
2011:  Liye Ma
2012:  Amin Sayedi
2013:  Chen Li
2014:  Selvaprabu Nadarajah

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