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Executive MBA Admissions FAQ


Do I have to take the GMAT?

While the GMAT is not a general requirement for application, it may be requested for specific applicants who have atypical educational and/or professional profiles. If you have taken the GMAT within the last five years, you should include your scores with your application. For information on the GMAT test, visit or call 1-800-462-8669.

Do international candidates have to take the TOEFL?

Some schools specify a minimum score; others say that an international applicant who has worked in the US full time for 2 or more years in the last 5, or who holds a degree from a US university don’t have to, but this is up to the admissions committee.

When are applications due?

By February 1st for each program year. Because a rolling admissions process is used, you are encouraged to apply early within an admission cycle. We will continue to accept applications on a space-available basis after the January 15th deadline.

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