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The following staff members are always available to discuss marketing and communications projects that entail:

Branding, Advertising and Marketing Campaign Strategy:
Deb Lantz, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications
(412) 268-8678

Public Relations and Writing Support:
Mark Burd, Director of Public Relations
(412) 268-3486

Graphic Design Services and Photography:
Susan Limoncelli, Creative Director, Marketing and Communications
(412) 268-9798

Joey Mancuso, Designer, Marketing and Communications
(412) 268-9798

Web Content and Functionality:
Barbara Donehue, Director, Marketing and Communications
(412) 268-9885

Stephanie Armbruster, Associate Director, Digital Marketing and Direct Response
(412) 268-4204

Tepper Licensed Merchandise and Publications:
Martha Sproul, Marketing Coordinator
(412) 268-9295

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