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Working with the Tepper School's Marketing and Communications Department

The Marketing and Communications Department is your source for assistance with design, marketing and public relations projects at the Tepper School of Business.

As the school's branding has evolved in its representation across various programs, so has the need to accommodate the hundreds of requests for high-quality, strategic creative support. It's been exciting to see how various programs and projects have utilized the Tepper School brand, and this evolution has been accompanied by a significant increase in the number of employees and students relying on design, editorial and multimedia forms of collateral to share their message.

Observing a brand’s evolution is an amazing process, and the Tepper community makes important contributions toward influencing perceptions about the school and our reputation. Everything we do is an opportunity to advance the Tepper School brand. As we become more global, it is vital to strengthen and consolidate our public image and reputation around the world. As we advance as a school in our mission of leadership at the intersection of business and technology, the Marketing and Communications group is here to help implement your branding insights and to help advance the brand identity of the Tepper School as a whole.

Below, you will find a list of services that our Marketing and Communications team provides. We welcome and encourage you to contact us to see how we can partner to promote Tepper School initiatives.


Marketing and Brand Strategy:

The Tepper School Marketing and Communications team is here to help you determine the best possible way to market your ideas and strategies for your department, team or class. Please contact Deb Lantz, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, for support with a marketing strategy, collateral and planning on behalf of a new initiative or campaign.

Public Relations and Editorial Support:

Mark Burd, Director of Public Relations, is the spokesperson who is the Tepper School's liasison with key external media and connects appropriate Tepper School faculty, staff and students to these media representatives in order to best present the multi-faceted mission and accomplishments of the school. Support includes screening media requests, writing press releases, creating editorials, and coaching for podcasts, videos, and interviews.

Creative Services:

The Marketing and Communications department provides a full range of professional creative services, from print collateral, interactive channels such as event/publication apps and promotional products. Collateral is a generic term referring to viewbooks, brochures, posters, magazines, flyers, self-mailers, post cards, etc. In order to coordinate the planning, design and monitoring of projects, an online request and tracking system is available by visiting This online request system is required to initiate a design project or photo shoot.

Incorporating Copy and Images:

In general, copy that is included in all external, promotional materials should be developed or reviewed by the Marketing and Communications Department in order to ensure consistency and accuracy of information and data that is shared with the public. Please contact Deb Lantz or Mark Burd for assistance with editorial support.

Web Templates:

The Tepper School provides a Content Management System (CMS) and a corresponding set of templates that determine where things are placed on CMS websites. We are also able to help you with online marketing campaigns including search engine optimization and pay per click marketing. Please see Stephanie Armbruster, Associate Director, Digital Marketing and Direct Response, for more information.

Photography and Video:

Professional photography and video services are available by one of our preferred photographers. An archive of existing Tepper School photography for print and web media is also available. Please contact Douglas McIntyre, Marketing Coordinator, for more information on how to schedule a photo shoot, available photo resources, and associated costs.

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