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Tepper MBA Curriculum

Leadership + Analytics... the core components underlying the school’s commitment to developing next-generation leaders who have no fear of complexity.

Fall 2012 marks the beginning of a remarkable opportunity as the Tepper School launches a redesigned curriculum to better align sequencing, timing and content for an academic experience that is distinctive in its emphasis upon applied analytics in tandem with personalized leadership and communications training.

A Reputation for Excellence

Our reputation for exceptional analytics is renowned. It’s no secret that Tepper MBAs are highly sought after for their strategic abilities in analytical frameworks and decision-making. Recent changes to our MBA Curriculum are designed to leverage graduates’ analytics skills through:

  • Deep exposure to career verticals including: finance, marketing, consulting/strategy, operations, entrepreneurship, technology.
  • Personalized leadership and communications coaching
  • Integration of course content and leadership immersion training
  • Accelerated career preparation


Year One emphasizes the core fundamentals of business, the knowledge and skills necessary throughout your career. We only have a few years to prepare you for a 30- or 40-year career. That’s why we begin with the strong foundation (and we’re one of the few B-schools that do) that aligns fundamentals and electives in order to reinforce and further strengthen your knowledge, analytic skills and applications.

Leadership & Communication

Throughout the academic experience the curriculum provides enhanced training in leadership and communication…the key to leveraging strategic analytics. Because we remain the smallest of the Top 20 B-schools, the Tepper MBA program is able to provide personalized leadership coaching and mentoring, including one-on-one leadership assessments, professional development planning, mentoring, and an immersive leadership workshop held during the Spring Experience Week.

Likewise, the organizational behavior, ethics, and communication coursework is sequenced to parallel team-oriented courses, presentation courses, job/internship interviews and the fall case competition season.

The benefit to you: a curriculum that integrates coursework alongside your career path and management style.

Introducing The Tepper School MBA Curriculum

Mike Trick, senior associate dean of education and professor of operations research, talks about the Tepper School's new MBA Curriculum designed to prepare you for continued success in a complex marketplace.

The MBA Curriculum

Check which program will be the best fit to apply the Tepper School's emphasis of applied analytics in tandem with personalized leadership and communications training.

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