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Career Services

We understand that many of our online students are pursuing an MBA to advance within their industry or to explore new functions and industries. FlexMBA online students have the same access to the school's Career Opportunities Center as our full-time, campus students. This means full access to corporate presentations, recruiting calendars, interview schedules, and career center resources. In addition, leadership planning and coaching along with communications and presentation skills training are available to FlexMBA students via online tools and Access Weekends.

Accelerate Leadership Center

The Tepper School is one of the few business schools to offer personalized, one-on-one leadership and communications assessment, planning and coaching. Our program aligns students’ analytics and leadership skills, delivering a standard designed to meet the needs and expectations of companies. Accelerate leadership coaches work with online students via live consultations as well as on-campus sessions that occur during Orientation and Access Weekends. In addition, the Year One experience will feature self-paced leadership assessment and action plans. Year Two will feature on-site leadership immersion workshops at the start of the school year.

Global Alumni Network

FlexMBA graduates are part of the Tepper School’s global alumni network of 15,000 and Carnegie Mellon’s 86,000-member alumni network. Hundreds of alumni chapter events are held annually, and online students are encouraged to attend and become part of their local chapters to benefit from networking as well as professional development opportunities.

One of the distinctions of the FlexMBA program is the built-in networking that occurs between students and alumni during the Access Weekends. We understand that, in addition to receiving an exceptional academic experience, online students desire opportunities to advance their careers.   Networking with Tepper School alumni is an inherent aspect of Access Weekend. Whether you’re interested in collaborating with VC’s on the West Coast or financial services senior executives in New York, you will have many opportunities to build your network and advance your career during graduate school.


Please review our overview (and advice) regarding how to maximize your online learning experience. We’ve kept our standards very high – the curriculum for the FlexMBA program is the same as its full-time and part-time on-campus counterparts. That means your learning is not watered down with courses or faculty disconnected from the core program. FlexMBA students have access to class reviews with their professors and classmates as well as options for tutorial support. All classes are available via the program’s video library and archived for easy reference during the academic year.

The Access Weekends provide a "bridge" between mini-semesters, so each on-site weekend visit (5 times per academic year) features a semester wrap-up as well as the introduction to the new, subsequent semester coursework. This allows FlexMBA students the opportunity to work with their teams and professors in person at key points during the coursework.


Our admissions team prides itself on a highly personal approach to helping you evaluate your MBA options and decisions. The admissions standards are the same for our full-time, part-time/on-campus and online learning students. The Tepper School's admissions and financial aid teams will work with you to ensure a successful investment in your career advancement.

Student Services

The FlexMBA program is designed to maximize the experience so that students experience the flexibility of 24/7 distance learning with the advantages of small size, cutting-edge technology and access to professors and classmates. FlexMBA students work with our support teams throughout the academic year and in person during visits to our campuses and other locations. During Year One orientation and the scheduled Access Weekend breaks (approximately 6 times each year), students will connect with each other, professors and our alumni for intensive study and networking activities.

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