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2013-2014 Historical Lenders

Following is an alphabetical list of lenders from whom Tepper graduate students have borrowed education loans in the past 3-4 years and which are still offering education loans to enrolled students.  

Students may choose any lender they wish (even those lenders not indicated in our historical list) without penalty or consequence. This list does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any of the lenders or their loan products and/or services. We encourage students to compare borrower benefits before deciding which lender to use. We also encourage federal-aid-eligible students to compare private education loan costs and benefits with those of federal loans before deciding to borrow a private education loan. Federal loan benefits including various repayment options, deferment and forbearance options, loan forgiveness/cancellation options, death and disability benefits, etc. may be viewed via

  • Contact individual lenders for loan details, borrower benefits, and eligibility determination.
  • Please be sure prior to submitting a loan application to a private lender that the loan you are applying for is open to you as some private education loans are only available to undergraduate students or are based on availability of funds.
  • A US cosigner is required for international students.
Citizens 1-800-708-6684  003242-02
CommonBond 1-877-654-5264 003242-02
Discover 1-877-728-3030  003242-02
HESAA NJ Loan 1-800-792-8670  003242-02
PNC Bank 1-800-762-1001  003242-02
Sallie Mae 1-888-272-5543  003242-02
SunTrust 1-800-552-3006  003242-02
Wells Fargo 1-800-378-5526  003242-02

* It is very important to select the correct school or school code when you first apply for the loan. In most cases, when you select your school, you will have 3 Carnegie Mellon University choices (Carnegie Mellon University, Carnegie Mellon Universtiy - Heinz College, and Carnegie Mellon University - Tepper School. If the Tepper School selection is unavailable, please do not select one of the other Carnegie Mellon options.  Rather, call your lender to advise them of the correct Tepper School code of 003242-02.

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