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Wall Of Fame Honors Seven Business School Pioneers

Wall of Fame Newsstory thumbnail 102x83.jpgSeven panels, each over ten feet square, now adorn the busy corridor outside the Cooper and Simon auditoriums in celebration of individuals whose vision and academic dedication changed the course of history for management education and forged the field of Management Science that remains at the core of the Tepper School’s approach to business education today.

Titled “The Wall of Fame”, the display is a gift from the MBA Class of 2004, which is the first class to graduate after the school’s naming gift announced during the same year.   Seven individuals, whom many refer to as pioneers, are honored in this inaugural installment (hyperlinked below to pdf images):

“The Wall of Fame is a tribute to remarkable individuals whose contributions to management education have become the cornerstone of the unique experience of studying at the Tepper School of Business,” said Chris Hughes, director of annual giving. “Each panel features a portrait of an honoree and tells a brief story of their accomplishments. Together, they are components of wonderful story that tells of a pioneering spirit, collaboration among disciplines and dedication to the scientific approach toward identifying and solving business challenges.”

In Simon’s own words, which appear below his portrait, “Our goal was to place business education on a foundation of fundamental studies in economics and behavioral science. We were fortunate to pick a time for launching this venture when the new management science techniques were just appearing on the horizon, together with the electronic computer.”

“As our school could be considered young in institutional terms, it is not surprising that many of our alumni and faculty recall personal experiences with these individuals,” said Hughes. “They forged a community that began with the founding of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration and continues with the Tepper School today.”

On the panel dedicated to March, his own words express the significance of working with Cyert and others in saying, “The intellectual community I found at the Graduate School of Industrial Administration was extraordinary, I doubt that any other group in recent history can claim the same kind of impact on thinking about decision making, organizations and the firm.”

”These individuals have left their mark on our school, our community, and the field of management science,” said Hughes. “But that is just the beginning of the story - we have room for future inductees.”

Including Simon, eight winners of the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences have affiliations with the Tepper School of Business- a record unsurpassed by any other business school. An exhibit featuring portraits of all eight Nobel laureates is scheduled to debut in the spring on the first floor of Posner Hall.

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