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MBA Student Handbook 2013-2014


This handbook was prepared for use by the students, faculty and staff at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University. No parts of this handbook may be reproduced or distributed without written permission from Dr. John H. Mather, executive director, masters programs. While this handbook is specific to your academic experience in the Tepper School, there are several other resources and offices graduate students are encouraged to consult during their tenure at Carnegie Mellon University.



All questions regarding this publication or the University’s policies should be directed to the Student Services staff. Students are responsible for knowledge of these policies.


The Tepper School of Business is a diverse and inclusive community based on trust, respect and support toward all individuals, facilities, intellectual endeavors and activities. It is expected that every individual will contribute everyday to recognizing, maintaining and improving the community environment of the Tepper School. It is this shared environment of the Tepper School that best communicates and differentiates our uniqueness as a special learning place to earn your Masters degree. We must continually protect and nurture our community environment for all of us.


Students at Carnegie Mellon, because they are members of an academic community dedicated to the achievement of excellence, are expected to meet the highest standards of personal, ethical and moral conduct possible.

These standards require personal integrity, a commitment to honesty without compromise, as well as truth without equivocation and a willingness to place the good of the community above the good of the self. Obligations once undertaken must be met, commitments kept.

As members of the Carnegie Mellon community, individuals are expected to uphold the standards of the community in addition to holding others accountable for said standards. It is rare that the life of a student in an academic community can be so private that it will not affect the community as a whole or that the above standards do not apply.

The discovery, advancement and communication of knowledge are not possible without a commitment to these standards. Creativity cannot exist without acknowledgment of the creativity of others. New knowledge cannot be developed without credit for prior knowledge. Without the ability to trust that these principles will be observed, an academic community cannot exist.

The commitment of its faculty, staff and students to these standards contributes to the high respect in which the Carnegie Mellon degree is held. Students must not destroy that respect by their failure to meet these standards. Students who cannot meet them should voluntarily withdraw from the university.

In addition to the Carnegie Mellon Code, students who register to use the Tepper School Career Opportunities Center are required to sign a Career Center Student Code of Conduct


MBA Student Services Staff

Wendy Hermann
Executive Director, Student Services

Marilyn S. Hersh
Associate Director, Student Services

Eva Johnson
Administrative Assistant

Joyce Maszle
Assistant Director, Student Services

Vickie Motz
Director, Student Services

Jason Wagner
Assistant Director, Student Services


The Tepper School of Business reserves the right to update the information contained in this handbook at any point during the academic year.

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