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The GBA Student Government plans and coordinates a variety of activities and events to benefit the Tepper community and enhance the student experience.  A few of these activities and events are outlined below:

Tepper Prepper

  • Workshops are hosted by the GBA and run by 2nd-year students to help 1st-years practice and improve their interviewing and networking skills. Recent Tepper Preppers  include networking, case competitions, and consulting.

Peer Mentorship Program

  • Each year, 2nd-year students are paired with 1st-year students and act as mentors, offering guidance and support to the incoming class.

Community Service Projects

  • Community Day: Tepper incoming students volunteer at local organizations throughout Pittsburgh during fall orientation
  • City High Case Competition: Tepper students host and operate a Case Competition for Inner-City students
  • Community Outreach: Tepper students volunteer their time throughout the academic year to local community service events.

International Festival

  • An exciting Tepper-wide event that promotes the different cultures of Tepper students through presentations, decorations and food!  This year's event was held during Welcome Weekend.

Social Events

  • The GBA sponsors several annual social events, including Casino Night, the Halloween Party, and the Holiday Party. In addition to these large-scale events, the GBA organizes trips to Pirates and Penguins games.

If you have suggestions for new GBA events, please email us at

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