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Employer Reimbursement

The Tepper School of Business makes a distinction between what it means for a student to be "Company Sponsored" rather than the recipient of a "Tuition Benefit" from an employer.

"Company Sponsored" refers to those students in the Tepper School population who will have their studies at the Tepper School paid for directly by a third party, which is the company sponsor. Upon the delivery of an accurate bill, the invoicing and subsequent payment for Company Sponsored students is a recognized contractual agreement between the Tepper School and the sponsoring company.

Students who receive a "Tuition Benefit" from an employer are the beneficiaries of a benefit provided by a third party. Students who receive tuition benefits from their employer have an individual obligation to pay their bills on time, regardless of when or how their tuition benefit is reimbursed to them or applied to their account at the Tepper School. Payment for students who are the recipient of a tuition benefit is due at the beginning of the semester.

Federal regulation requires Carnegie Mellon to treat untaxed employer reimbursement as a financial aid resource in the determination of eligibility for U.S. federal need-based aid.

If you need an invoice for your employer, please email us at

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