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Executive Programs

Executive Programs

The Carnegie Bosch Institute is respected for its innovative executive training concepts, an outstanding international faculty, and a high-quality customer experience. The integration of academic, executive, and corporate training models has been a proven success with executives for more than 20 years.

CBI's flagship program, the Global Leadership Executive Forum, was the recipient of a 2014 Top 10 Leadership 500 Excellence Award from, given for exemplary leadership development programs. Read more here.

All Carnegie Bosch Institute programs provide:

  • high levels of interaction between faculty and participants;
  • integrated case studies and group work sessions; and
  • multiple active learning tools.

In addition, the small group size and diversity of the participants facilitate a unique environment to exchange ideas, grow personally, and foster the development of long-lasting professional networks.

Most CBI programs are open enrollment with a target audience of mid- to senior-level executives from industries and companies around the world.

On request, the Institute applies the expertise in its core training areas to the design and delivery of custom programs. Recent custom programs have included 2-day programs for management trainees of Bosch in Michigan and a 5-day program for Bosch executives in Pittsburgh.


"This was the most stimulating and thought provoking learning experience I have ever had.”
- Manufacturing Director, Bosch Thermotechnology, United Kingdom


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