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News & Photo Archives: (2006-2010)

2011 MSCF "Alumni Night"
The MSCF Program thanks the 180 alumni and current students that attended the 12th Annual "Alumni Night" in New York City. See our Facebook page for photos.
Goldman Sachs Gives
Goldman Sachs Gives has made a $2 million gift.
Did Faulty Mathematical Models Cause the Financial Fiasco?
Steve Shreve, MSCF professor of Mathematics, looks at models in Analytics Magazine  (pdf)
"Buffeted Quants Still In Demand"
 Richard Bryant,
"Don't Blame the Quants"
Dr. Steve Shreve,
Tepper Economists Weigh In
Dr. Alan Meltzer and Dr. Marvin Goodfriend, each well known economists at the Tepper school of Business, provide a combined perspective on the US economy, regulation, market recovery, and the likely course of the credit crisis and recession.
Allan Meltzer Cautions against over-regulation
Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Allan Meltzer cautions against over-regulating the financial markets in response to the current market turmoil.
Financial Engineering Grads In High Demand
The strong 2007 job placement success for Carnegie Mellon financial engineering grads has MSCF students assuming high-level jobs on Wall Street.
Adventurous Streak For MSCF Alum
For Jackie Chen, a recent MSCF graduate, there is no such thing as a typical day.
MSCF Grads in High Demand
Nearly 90% of the December graduates have taken jobs at the world's top investment banks.
Carnegie Mellon University and the Quantification of Finance
 Dr. Steve Shreve, MSCF Steering Committee Member and Orion Hoch Chair of Mathematical Sciences, wrote his thoughts on the history of Computational Finance and Carnegie Mellon University's unique collaborative approach to the field.
"The Future of Quantitative Finance Programs"
GARP Roundtable
Futures in Financial Engineering
Tepper’s Masters in Computational Finance program has catapulted graduates into top spots at the world’s most prestigious financial services firms from New York to London.
Shreve Responds to the GARP Virtual Roundtable
The Global Association of Risk Professionals asks Carnegie Mellon professor, Steve Shreve, financial education questions.
Dr. Shreve is "The Thinker" 
Pittsburgh Post Gazette article highlighting individuals in Western Pennsylvania who are at the forefront of new ideas in their fields.
Three MSCF students
Guided by Heinz College professor Steve Roehrig, receive first place in a classroom contest using DevPartner Profiler.


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