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"New Ordure" business plan

Second-year MBA student Alix Bowman and partner Kamal Bennoune took third place at the 2007 Tulane Business Plan Competition. Their business plan, "New Ordure," proposes to use waste from pig farms as fuel to generate electricity. They are currently considering North Carolina as a possible site as they continue to evaluate New Ordure's business prospects.

The competition, hosted through the Tulane Entrepreneurs Association at the Freeman School of Business at Tulane University , was held April 20 at Tulane in New Orleans. The competition featured two tracks, the Business Entrepreneurship Track and the Social Entrepreneurship Track. Teams were allowed to compete in only one track. Three places were awarded in each track, $10,000 for first; $5,000 for second; and $2,500 for third.

Bowman and Bennoune competed in the Business Entrepreneurship Track. Bowman says their future plans involve taking about three months to explore the feasibility of New Ordure and pursue the contacts they've developed in North Carolina.

Plans in the Business Entrepreneurship Track had to be for-profit ventures only with no restriction on industry or sector. The Social Entrepreneurship Track, which allowed both non-and for-profit plans, called for entries "designed specifically to address a social, environmental or economic problem, producing a positive and identifiable impact to the community." Winners in the Social Entrepreneurship category who called for implementing their plans in the New Orleans area were offered access to professional services, to assist their start-up phase.

In the Business track, first place went to a team from Tulane University and second went to a team from the University of Texas. Winners in the Social track were University of Georgia , first, Princeton, second, and Tulane University, third.

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