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Tepper FlexTime MBA Ranked Among Top-Ten In Nation

FlexTime-MBA-BW-ranking-story-thumbnail102x83BusinessWeek Magazine’s most recent survey of top part-time MBA programs has ranked the Tepper School of Business FlexTime (part-time) MBA as #1 in the Mid-Atlantic region and #7 nationally. The rankings, which were released in November of 2009, were primarily the result of data received by a student survey sent to 12,414 part-time MBA students at 99 programs across the U.S.

Student satisfaction was a key driver in the Tepper School’s high-marks. This component measures students’ evaluation of their overall MBA experience, including factors such as teaching, course content and career outcomes. In this category, the Tepper School was rated #3 in the nation. BusinessWeek weights this data as 40% of the overall program score.

In grading terms, the Tepper School earned an A in Teaching Quality, an A+ in Caliber of Classmates, and an A+ in Curriculum. Although these individual grades do not contribute weight to BusinessWeek’s overall rank, the exceptionally high-marks are reflective of both the top-quality of business education that the Tepper School FlexTime MBA offers as well as the high-level of competence and talent among students and graduates within the Tepper School community.

Post-MBA outcomes, which measures the overall degree of influence that the MBA program had on students’ ability to achieve their personal goals, also reflected highly favorable results for the Tepper School FlexTime MBA in this evaluation. In this category, the Tepper School ranked #5 nationally. BusinessWeek weights this data as 30% of the overall program score.

Salary data submitted by students placed the Tepper School in the top10 among the percentage of graduates reporting salary increases and #5 overall in average salary increase. Tepper School FlexTime MBA graduates also placed in the category of “Best Rated for: Job Changers”, which indicates that they are seeking advancement with the same employer or in the same industry, as opposed to changing industries or employment function.

Additional factors contributing to the overall program score included academic quality data for part-time MBA students as provided by the schools. This data was weighted by BusinessWeek as 30% of the overall score and included measures of average GMAT scores, average work experience, the percentage of all teachers in the part-time MBA program who are tenured faculty, average class size in core business classes, total number of business electives available to part-time MBA students, and the completion rate for students in the part-time MBA program.

The Tepper School was the only program among the top surveyed to post a 100% completion rate. Students’ GMAT scores also made the top ten, achieving an average score of 639 during the survey period.

Complied data and additional information on the methodology for the 2009 BusinessWeek Part-Time MBA Rankings is available online.

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