Faculty Profiles

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    • Tayur

      Tayur, Sridhar R.

      Ford Distinguished Research Chair; Professor of Operations Management

    • Telang

      Telang, Rahul

      Professor of Information Systems, Heinz College, and by courtesy, Tepper School of Business

    • Telmer

      Telmer, Christopher I.

      Associate Professor of Financial Economics

    • Trick

      Trick, Michael A.

      Harry B. and James H. Higgins Professor of Operations Research; Senior Associate Dean, Faculty and Research

    • Tungate

      Tungate, David E.

      Associate Teaching Professor of Law

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    • Van Hoeve

      Van Hoeve, Willem-Jan

      Associate Professor of Operations Research

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    • Waller

      Waller, William

      Post-Doctoral Fellow, Finance

    • Wang

      Wang, Shirley C.

      Post Doctoral Fellow, Organizational Behavior and Theory

    • Wee

      Wee, Shu Lin

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Weingart

      Weingart, Laurie R.

      Carnegie Bosch Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory; Senior Associate Dean of Education

    • White

      White, George

      Distinguished Career Professor of Entrepreneurship, Carnegie Mellon Qatar

    • Williams

      Williams, Jeffrey R.

      Professor of Business Strategy

    • Williams Woolley

      Williams Woolley, Anita

      Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Theory

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    • Yazici

      Yazici, Hakki

      Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Yeltekin

      Yeltekin, Sevin

      Associate Professor of Economics

    • Yenmez

      Yenmez, M. Bumin

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Young

      Young, Richard O.

      Teaching Professor of Business Management Communication

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    • Zetlin-Jones

      Zetlin-Jones, Ariel

      Assistant Professor of Economics

    • Zhang

      Zhang, Kaifu

      Assistant Professor of Marketing; Xerox Junior Faculty Chair AY 2015-2016

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