We seek a community conspicuous for diversity of backgrounds, opinions, experience and beliefs. Our small size along with a deep culture of mutual support has created a community that is long-standing and very special.
Kelechi Ajagba MBA
    • Underepresented Minorities

      U.S. Underrepresented Minorities

      We are proud of our commitment to working with and providing outstanding support to underrepresented MBA candidates, leading to admission into our program.

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    • LGBT Community

      LGBT Community

      We believe that leaders come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them perspectives that have been shaped by their own unique personal and professional experiences.

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    • Military and Veterans

      Military and Veterans

      Experience in the military is highly valued at the Tepper School of Business. We appreciate the leadership and team skills, as well as the diversity of experiences that this particular community of students brings to the classroom and to the overall student experience.

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    • Women at Tepper

      Women at the Tepper School

      Advancing women is a priority at the Tepper School; no two women arrive here via the same route. The MBA degree represents a decision to acquire the analytical and strategic abilities necessary for a well-rounded skill set.

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    • Diversity Weekend

      Diversity Weekend

      This special two-day event is designed to help increase the representation of diverse students at the Tepper School, and ultimately in global leadership roles. Join us on Dec. 5 and 6, 2015 for our annual Diversity Weekend.
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