- Math for Economists

  • No Qualifying exam, but the course is highly recommended

Microeconomics sequence:

-          Microeconomics I,

-          Microeconomics II,

-          Game Theory and Applications,

-          Economics of Contracts

  • Qualifying exam, with  a question based on each of these four courses

Macroeconomics sequence:

-          Macroeconomics I,

-          Dynamic Competitive Analysis,

-          Computational Methods for Economics

  • Qualifying exam, with a question based on each of these three courses

Econometrics sequence:

-          Econometrics I

-          Econometrics II

  • Qualifying exam, with a question based on each of these two courses

Advanced Economic Analysis (AEA) sequence:

-          AEA I (Structural Models in Microeconomics)

-          AEA II (Advanced Econometrics)

-          AEA III (Advanced Macroeconomics)

-          AEA IV (Market Design)

  • Qualifying exam, with a question based on any two out of the above four courses (depending on course availability in a given year).

Minor area:

3 mini-semester courses (18 units) outside of Economics, either in any of the functional areas within Tepper School of Business, or in Ph.D. programs of Math or Statistics departments at Carnegie Mellon, subject to approval of Economics faculty.

During their first two years of study, students are also required to write summer papers on an original research topic that interests them. At the review after the third semester, the faculty evaluates performance on the first-year summer paper and performance on qualifying exams.

A second-year summer paper concludes the requirements for year two. At this time, students begin formulating a thesis topic and preparing for a formal thesis proposal.