Undergraduate Economics Course List

Courses offered by the undergraduate economics program are available to all Carnegie Mellon students. Our courses are sequenced and each builds upon the theory, data-analytic methods and subject areas mastered in lower level courses. The format of courses varies depending on topic and level. Introductory courses typically consist of lectures and recitations. Intermediate and advanced courses tend to be a blend of lectures and seminars, project courses and colloquiums. Directed independent study is possible for students who wish for deeper, self-directed study. 

Our courses complement all Carnegie Mellon undergraduate degrees and are included in the general education programs of the Carnegie Institute of Technology, Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Mellon College of Science and School of Computer Science.

We offer two introductory-level courses that are available to the entire university population: Principles of Economics (73-100) and Environmental Economics (73-148). A third introductory course, Freshman Seminar in Economics (73-101), is available only to students in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences. None of these courses assume a background of economics.

We offer four intermediate-level courses: Intermediate Microeconomics Analysis (73-230), Intermediate Macroeconomics Analysis (73-240), History of Money and Monetary Analysis (73-375) and Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling (73-407). 

The remaining courses offered are considered advanced topics, data-analytic and theory courses.