Meet Our Current Students

    • BA

      BA, DONG

      Class Code: Computational Finance 2016

    • Bennett

      Bennett, Casey

      Class Code: Casey Bennett earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics at Case Western Reserve University. There, he discovered that the interplay between advanced mathematics and cutting edge quantitative tools found in financial engineering offer a rare, stimulating opportunity to advance society. He later earned a Master of Applied Mathematics, and completed a master's thesis on Stochastic Differential Equation Models in Mathematical Neuroscience. Casey¹s demonstrated experience in mathematics and the analysis of stochastic differential equation models provides a solid foundation for a career in structuring, risk management, research, and quantitative front office roles.

    • Biswal

      Biswal, Satya Prakash

      Class Code: Computational Finance 2016

    • Borzenkov

      Borzenkov, Vitaly V

      Class Code: Computational Finance 2015