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International Management

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Required Courses

  • 70-342 Managing Across Cultures*
  • 70-365 International Trade Law*
  • 70-430 International Management*
  • 70-480 International Marketing*
  • 70-508 Independent Study in International Management (3 units minimum). This involves cultural preparation for the experience abroad.

Experience abroad

At least one semester of study abroad, or a substantial internship abroad (e.g., 1 summer or 1 semester), or both is required. Study abroad programs should provide substantial immersion in the culture. Contact the track advisor for assistance.

Language requirement

Demonstrated conversational proficiency in a language other than English, to the satisfaction of the track advisor. (This may be, but is not necessarily, the same language used during the experience abroad.) Proficiency may be demonstrated in several ways, including:  

  1. Long-term residence in a country that requires knowledge of the language (normally the case for international students).  
  2. Language courses, normally including at least one intensive course that lasts several weeks. A few semesters of high school or college study do not necessarily satisfy the requirement.
  3. Successful completion of at least one semester of courses taught in the language in a country where it is spoken, or employment that requires conversational knowledge of the language.

*These requirements may be met by comparable courses taken abroad, subject to approval by the Track advisor.

Choose two additional courses from the following list

  • 70-398 International Finance
  • 73-371 International Trade and Economic Development
  • 79-205 20th Century Europe
  • 79-221 Religion in European Society
  • 79-233 The U.S. and the Middle East since 1945
  • 79-250 Two Revolutions: Dynamics of Change in 19th Century Europe
  • 79-255 Irish History
  • 79-270 Chinese Culture and society
  • 79-271 Modern China
  • 79-272 Modern Japan, 1868 to the Present
  • 79-278 Russia in the 20th Century
  • 79-279 The Russian Military
  • 79-280 Russian History from the First to the Last Tsar
  • 79-281 Survey of Soviet History: From Lenin to Yeltsin
  • 79-290 Modern Latin America, 1791-present
  • 79-291 India: Anthropological and Historical Perspectives
  • 79-294 Cultures of South America
  • 79-307 The Anthropology of Europe
  • 79-352 The Arab-Israeli Condition: War and Peace
  • 79-353 Contemporary Latin American Politics
  • 79-357 Russia Today
  • 79-381 Male and Female in Japan
  • 88-205 Comparative Politics
  • 88-326 Theories of International Relations
  • Other courses, as approved by the Track advisor

Track Advisor

Dr John Hooker
T. Jerome Holleran Professor of Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Professor of Operations Research
233C Tepper

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