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Manufacturing Management And Consulting

Please note that this track was revised as shown in Fall 2013, and as shown in the University's current Undegraduate Catalog. Students in the Class of 2014 may still use the previously listed courses to complete the track. Other students who have taken these courses to fulfil requirements (up to and including Fall 2013) may still apply those courses to the track. Please consult your academic advisor to verify and update your academic audit.

Required courses

  • 70-453 Business Technology Consulting (new title as of Spring 2014)
  • 70-460 Mathematical Models for Consulting
  • 70-471 Supply Chain Management (new title as of Fall 2013)

Choose at least one course from the following list...

  • 70-374 Forecasting & Data Mining
  • 70-462 Stochastic Modeling & Simulations
  • 70-474 Quality Management & Productivity
  • 70-476 Service Operations Management

...and up to two courses from the following list, totaling three

  • All mathematics, statistics, economics and computer science prerequisites for the following courses should be satisfied by required BA courses, namely 21-120/256, 70-207/208, and 73-240.
  • 24-341 Manufacturing Sciences. (There are several prerequisites, some of which may be negotiable. If you would like to take this course, please consult the Manufacturing Track advisor as early as possible.)
  • 70-440 Corporate Strategy (added Fall 2013)
  • 70-437 Organizational Learning & Strategic Management (added Fall 2013)
  • 70-449 Social, Economic, and Information Networks
  • 70-455 Modern Data Management

Track Advisor

Dr. Mustafa Akan
Assistant Professor of Operations Management
381C Tepper

Focus on the Track

Spring 2014  NEW Course Highlights

Organizational Learning and Strategic Management
Professor Linda Argote

"Managing knowledge effectively is key to the performance and competitiveness of both entrepreneurial and established organizations. The course examines why some organizations are better than others at learning from experience and developing new knowledge."

Service Operations Management
Professor Mustafa Akan

"The course will examine settings in traditional service businesses such as financial services (banking), retail environments, and transportation (airlines), among others...Special emphasis is placed on the health-care sector, one of the fastest growing sectors of the U. S. economy..."Mustafa_Akan

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