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Top Ten Reasons to Apply...

1. Experience both breadth AND depth at Carnegie Mellon

Students are required to declare both a business track and a minor. While the track allows for depth and specialization in the business major, the minor offers breadth to the curriculum. By declaring a minor outside of business, students pursue additional interests and gain exposure to and experience in other renowned colleges at Carnegie Mellon -- such as Mellon College of Science, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Institute of Technology, College of Fine Arts, and College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  

Breadth and Depth
2. Take advantage of small class sizes: a Tepper trademark!

A freshman class of 80 students means lots of individual attention. Not only do the undergraduate advisors know and work with every student personally, but a small class size means stronger connections to peers, closer interactions with faculty, individualized career planning, and regular feedback from the entire Undergraduate Business department.  

3. Learn from distinguished professors teaching at every level

Tepper undergraduates share the same faculty as MBA and PhD students. The Tepper School of Business has more Nobel Laureate faculty than any other business school worldwide. The high quality of our faculty ensures that students are challenged and inspired by their professors and coursework. Additionally, faculty recognize that Tepper graduates may work in areas that don't even exist today, so they prepare them with skills for the future.

4. Draw upon our consistently strong reputation in all fields

Tepper is consistently ranked among the top Undergraduate Business programs. By attracting some of the brightest students and faculty, the strength of our business tracks -- including Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Computing & Information Technology, Graphic Media Management and Manufacturing, Management & Consulting -- are nationally recognized.

5. Grow through community involvement and social responsibility

Through the 70-201 Professional Service Project, students demonstrate how they use business skills outside of the classroom, develop leadership and professional networks and engage in community and social responsibility. Weighted equally as other core requirements, Tepper prides itself on valuing and rewarding professional service.

Business Opportunities Conference

6. Focus on professional and career development

Tepper has its own personal career consultant who only works with Tepper students on locating job and internship opportunities, improving interview and networking skills and developing their resumes. Professional development opportunities include case competitions, conferences, and networking events. The Business Opportunities Conference is organized specifically for Tepper students and attracts over 70 companies each year.

7. Develop leadership skills through Tepper club activities

Most of our undergraduate organizations love to give freshmen hands-on experience with planning and running large-scale events right from their first semester. This means that students not only get to learn by watching upperclassmen who help drive some of our award-winning organizations, but also apply what they already know in a leadership role from early on in their career.

8. Prepare for your Masters or Ph.D.

Our goal is to ensure that students are prepared to not only succeed in the workforce but also in graduate study. By taking courses that improve both quantitative and qualitative skills and engaging in research opportunities, students are accepted to top graduate programs in many fields. Carnegie Mellon also offers opportunities to pursue accelerated Masters programs with the Heinz College and MBA program at Tepper.   

9. See the world by studying abroad 

Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad. We feel the study abroad experience will enhance students’ abilities to contribute to the Carnegie Mellon and Tepper community in addition to the business community at large. With six departmental exchange programs and hundreds of university exchanges, students can study practically anywhere around the globe and receive academic course credit.


 10. Build strong connections through Tepper for life.

Not just faculty, advisors and peers support you while studying at Tepper, the alumni base is active in helping students gain exposure to the variety to careers available to them and establishing strong connections for the future. Through participation in presentations, case competitions and networking sessions, Tepper alums are involved on campus, even though they have graduated! 



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