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Congratulations To The Class of 2014

Class of 2014

Commencement Ceremony Details and Important Information for Economics, Economics & Mathematical Sciences, and Economics & Statistics students

This is certainly an exciting time in your life at Carnegie Mellon University.

Please be sure to download the Commencement 2014 Information Packet (pdf) and share this information with your family and friends. This packet contains all of your required information for graduation including the calendar of events, degree requirements, commencement ceremony instructions, and alumni resources.

If anyone has a guest with special needs (e.g., wheelchair accessibility, access to an ASL interpreter, etc.), please visit the University's commencement webpage for information about the main ceremony. For information about our diploma ceremony, please e-mail our program office.

This website will be updated more information becomes available.

Updated: April 4, 2014

Invitations to Commencement for Your Parents and Friends

How is Your Name Pronounced?

So that I pronounce your name correctly during the commencement ceremony, I need your help. Please visit the pronunciation website, and fill out your preferred name, pronunciation, etc.

FYI: Carol becomes: CARE-ull. For those of you with more interesting names, please indicate where the accented syllable goes. After all, I have been pronouncing many of your names incorrectly for almost four years (including those with "American" names)! Now that commencement is approaching, I want to start practicing your names so that you parents recognize your name when it is called!  



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