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Watch our videos to see the Tepper School community in action. Program videos, guest speakers, interviews, and student and alumni profiles showcase what is happening within the Tepper School community.
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    • American Eagle Exec Q&A

      American Eagle Exec Q&A

      Susan McGalla, president and chief merchandising officer of American Eagle Outfitters, answers four questions about the business…

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    • Bill Grathwohl, Goldman Sachs

      Bill Grathwohl, Goldman Sachs

      Bill Grathwohl, Goldman Sachs

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    • CEO Interview: Yoshiaki Fujimori, GE Asia.

      CEO Interview: Yoshiaki Fujimori, GE Asia.

      Yoshiaki Fujimori, President and CEO of GE, Asia discusses his ideas on outsourcing, globalization, leadership, the growth of GE…

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    • Faculty Commentary: Liquidity

      Faculty Commentary: Liquidity

      Chester Spatt, Mellon Bank Professor of Finance and Director of the Center for Financial Markets, recently gave a presenation to…

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    • Gasoline Pricing

      Gasoline Pricing

      Lester Lave talks about the positive aspects of gasoline prices, environmental restrictions in exploring for petroleum,…

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    • Overview of Monetary Policy in East Asia

      Overview of Monetary Policy in East Asia

      East Asia is home to a diverse collection of economies ranging in size from the largest countries to the smallest city states. …

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    • Hurdles to eBusiness Conference-Ebay

      Hurdles to eBusiness Conference-Ebay

      Top researchers from three of the most influential companies in the online world, eBay, Google, and Yahoo! spoke at the Hurdles…

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    • Designing Effective Systems

      Designing Effective Systems

      Robert Monroe, associate teaching professor of information technology and computer science and former head architect in charge…

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    • E-Marketing & New Business Models

      E-Marketing & New Business Models

      Kannan Srinivasan, H.J. Heinz II Professor of Management, Marketing and Information Systems lectures a class in the Program for…

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    • The Greenspan Era

      The Greenspan Era

      In this video Allan Meltzer highlights Alan Greenspan's achievements and identifies the changes within the Federal Reserve during…

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    • Design and Innovation

      Design and Innovation

      In this interview, Boatwright discusses innovation, common mistakes companies make with new products and how Tepper's learning…

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    • Sports Scheduling

      Sports Scheduling

      Michael Trick discusses competition in major league baseball scheduling, how with the help of a former flex time student he got…

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