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The Undergraduate Business Program Has Established Policies

Please take time to review the undergraduate business program's policies on things such as waitlist, prerequisites and course transfers.  

Prerequisite Policy

The Undergraduate Business Administration Educational Affairs Committee establishes the prerequisites for all courses offered by the department. Individual instructors are not able to waive these prerequisites.

In a few cases, students may meet prerequisites through alternative coursework. Any student who thinks they have met the prerequisites for a course in an alternative manner should see a department advisor for evaluation of their course audit. The department will not waive prerequisite requirements for any reason other than completed course work.
To see a list of course prerequisites listed by department, please visit the Carnegie Mellon Hub under Course Information On-Line.

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Transfer Information For Non-Carnegie Mellon Courses

If you are considering either of the following:

  • Making a course substitution for Business Administration Major requirement or,
  • Transferring credit from another university for a major requirement or,
  • Making a course substitution for a breadth component.

Please complete the course substitution and transfer credit form (.pdf) and bring it to the Undergraduate Business Administration office. You must fill out a form prior to taking a course at another university. You will be notified if the request has been accepted, and the department will update your audit to reflect this change.

Transfer credit will only be awarded after an official transcript has been received by:

Undergraduate Business Administration Program
Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University
Tech and Frew Streets
GSIA 137
Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

The grade does not transfer – only the units transfer –  and you must earn a B (no minus) to receive credit.

Online Courses

Transfer credit will not be awarded for courses taken online.

Course Transfer Limit

Primary Business Administration majors may transfer up to three courses.
Additional Majors may transfer up to two courses.
Minors may transfer one business administration course requirement.

Courses Taken Prior To Enrolling

College courses taken prior to enrolling at Carnegie Mellon will not be accepted by the Business Administration program.

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Course Substitution List

Business Administration Primary Majors

70-207 Business Statistics

  • 36-201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice
  • 36-207 Probability & Statistics for Business Application
  • 36-217 Probability Theory/Random Process
  • 36-220 Engineering Stats & Probability Control
  • 36-225 Intro to Probability and Statistics I
  • 36-310 Fundamentals of Statistical Modeling

70-208 Regression Analysis

  • 36-208 Regression Analysis
  • 36-226 Intro to Probability and Statistics II
  • 36-247 Statistics for Lab Sciences
  • 73-226 Quantitative Economic Analysis
  • 73-260 Econometrics I

Business Administration Minors (only)

70-311 Organizational Behavior

  • 70-342 Managing Across Cultures
  • 70-430 International Management
  • 70-436 Corporate Social Responsibility
  • 88-260 Organizations

70-371 Production and Operations Management

  • 70-460 Mathematical Models of Consulting (Prereq: 21-257 or permission)

 70-381 Marketing

  • 70-520 Publicity and Public Relations

70-391 Finance

  • 70-418 Financing Entrepreneurial Venture (Prereq: 70-415 Entrepreneurship)
  • 70-424 Corporate Financial Reporting (Prereq: 70-122 Accounting)

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Waiting List Policies

Undergraduate business administration courses are highly sought after by students in many majors outside of the business school. This interdisciplinary spirit is embedded in our culture. We welcome the variety of talented students who enrich our courses with their unique perspectives and interests.

However, the demand for access to courses in undergraduate business makes it necessary to have policies that favor undergraduate business majors in their progress toward a degree.

These policies create more opportunities for all students. In the past year, 17 students completed requirements for a double major and over 125 students minored in business administration.

How Waitlists Are Cleared:

  1. Tepper School students have first priority.
  2. Students are enrolled in a course by seniority.
  3. Students who do not have enough units open to enroll in the course are not added; the next available student is added.
  4. Students will be removed from the waiting list once the course is full, and no additional students will be added.

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