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Tepper Orientation

Members of CMBA welcome the freshman class with Rita's Italian Ice and Tepper giveaways while teaching the freshmen the "Tepper Cheer" and instilling school pride.

Etiquette Dinner

A four-course meal at a local venue where an etiquette expert teaches students the proper manners to use at on-site interviews or business meals with professionals.

Business Fashion Show

An educational event on how to dress for numerous business situations such as business casual, interview, and formal attire.

Tepper Ball

A formal event at a local venue that allows students to bond while having a good time.

Tepper Spirit Day

A springtime celebration of Tepper pride! Wear a Tepper t-shirt and enjoy free hot dogs and hamburgers.

Waffle Registration Party

A networking event where students can learn more about classes and get student perspectives on which classes to take.

Professor Dinners

A dinner each semester where students can network with a selected professor in a casual setting.

Networking Events

Small events throughout the year that allow members to network with other students interested in business.

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