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Financial Frontline Society (or FFS) is a new club established at Carnegie Mellon University in the spring of 2011.

From spring 2011, our club’s main activity is news discussion led by industry leaders and analysts. We invite academic as well as real-world professionals to participate in our discussion and to share their insights with our members. By connecting our members with those professionals, FFS provides unique opportunities for our members to network and to have a wider range of perspectives.
In Fall 2011, FFS plans to continue our  weekly discussions of current events impacting the financial world, as well as additional discussions dedicated specifically to quantitative finance and trading. In terms of specific industries, we plan to continue focusing on financial services and commodities, and also introduce new ones based on the requests of our analysts. Guest speakers, who include alumni from CMU, will supplement the weekly meetings, and will provide analysts with an opportunity to network with experienced professionals. We are also planning to take a group of analysts to New York to gain a first-hand view of the environment in the Wall Street firms, and will also host an end of semester appreciation dinner for the club.

In Spring 2012, Fall 2012 and Spring 2013, FFS does various financial projects, including quantitative analysis, financial analysis and market analysis. FFS also continues with its weekly discussion about the current market.

We are constantly seeking new ideas and opinions. If you are interested in understanding the market, starting your career early, and getting your voice out, please join us. We are looking forwards to working with you.

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