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ABD And Absentia Policies

Students who have completed all requirements except the teaching requirement and dissertation satisfactorily are automatically registered as being ABD ("all but dissertation"). This designation maintains a student's status as enrolled full-time. Students are expected to meet all such requirements prior to the fifth-semester review at the latest.

Students who leave campus prior to completing their dissertations can request that they be registered as in absentia. The in absentia designation does not maintain full-time status. Lack of full-time status may have consequences for the student's immigration status, and limits the student's ability to use certain university resources. Students who are ABD in absentia must pay five units of tuition during the semester they return to campus to defend their dissertations.

Candidacy will lapse 9 years from entry into the program, which is normally 7.5 years after qualifying exams. The only exceptions will be for the “extraordinary circumstances” outlined in the university policy. Students whose candidacy is lapsed must apply for readmission to the program, and a condition of that readmission would be retaking qualifying exams.

Students become ABD after finishing successfully passing the two summer papers, qualifiers, and the external minor course requirement. At that point they must fill out the form and elect “on campus” or “in absentia.” The teaching requirement must be met before a degree will be granted, but can be satisfied by teaching off campus, and therefore can, in principle, be satisfied while a candidate is “ABD in absentia.”

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