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Performance Review

Early in the fourth semester, the business school faculty carefully review each student's progress. The faculty evaluate a student's performance on the qualifying examinations as well as in coursework and research activities, including the first-summer research paper.

If specific areas of weakness are identified, corrective actions are recommended. This may involve completing additional coursework, writing a research paper, taking an examination to be given at a later date, or possibly retaking the qualifying examination the following year. Any student whose performance has been clearly unsatisfactory will be asked to withdraw from the program.

It should be noted that faculty can bring up any student for review outside of the above-referenced standard scheduled review to determine if a student is in continued good standing.

Once a student's status in the program has been determined in the review, the Chairman of the Ph.D. Committee notifies each student, in writing, of the faculty's determination. If inadequate progress is indicated, the Chairman advises the student of the faculty's reasons for making this determination and of any remedial actions required. In the event of termination, the Chairman explains the options open to the student at that time, together with the options for review of the faculty decision available to the student.

Students in the Ph.D. program may petition the Ph.D. Committee to review any decision affecting their status in the program by providing the Chairman of the Committee with a written request for such a review, along with the student's reasons for believing the faculty decision merits reconsideration. The Chairman will then convene the Ph.D. Committee in a timely manner to consider the petition.

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