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SABA is open to all Tepper students. It is an association for students of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh and Sri Lankan origin enrolled in any program at Tepper: the Full time MBA program, the MSEC program, Flex time MBA program and the PhD programs. Membership is automatic upon receipt of membership fees.


  • Provide an interface for students coming to the US for the first time (in terms of a welcome package with reference to life in Pittsburgh, items they should bring with them, what to expect in Pittsburgh, housing tips, etc).
  • Institute a customized mentoring program within the SABA. Mentors will aim to provide insights into the classes at Tepper, life at Tepper, opportunities for international students and issues within Tepper that new students need to be aware of.
  •  Help members with their job search - we aim to prepare a database of South Asian Tepper alum (with their prior permission) and to use this database to help students learn more about companies they target in their career search. This is not a substitute for the COC - we believe that South Asian students will find it easier to informally speak with South Asian alumni (especially those from their respective countries), and similarly, alum would be open to help students from their countries.
  •  Bring in guest speakers to talk to the SABA about opportunities for international students (specifically, from South Asia). This will not conflict with the COC's recruiting activities.
  •  Hold cultural events on festivals like Diwali, Holi or Independence Day and welcome / farewell parties.
  •  We are in informal discussions with similar associations in other business schools (Wharton and Columbia at this point of time) to co-ordinate and hold common activities and events. Eventually, we hope to link a number of these organizations across several business schools.

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