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Heinz College

The Heinz College at Carnegie Mellon University is consistently ranked among the top ten public policy and public affairs schools in the nation and is ranked first nationally in information systems and technology. The research and teaching interests of the information systems faculty at Heinz College include electronic commerce, security and confidentiality, enterprise modeling, information retrieval and data mining, globalization of the software industry, applications of geographic information systems, Bayesian probabilistic networks, and health information systems. For the Master of Science in Computational Finance Program, Heinz College gives a three mini-course sequence in Financial Computing. These courses provide students with the necessary programming background to take on the remaining courses in the MSCF program, and also prepares them for programming tasks they are likely to encounter once they graduate.  Students may take additional electives in a wide variety of areas including database management, networks and telecommunications management, information retrieval, enterprise resource planning and decision support systems.

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