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The MSCF degree is delivered simultaneously to full-time and part-time students in New York City and Pittsburgh with full-time staff dealing with academic advising, employment, and technology in both New York and Pittsburgh. The proximity of the two cities (approximately 50 minutes flying time) allows for a regular exchange of people, student services and alumni networking opportunities.

Each location has its advantages. The Pittsburgh program is
housed in the Tepper School of Business where students network with the MBA students; the New York program is located close to where many of the finance jobs (and many of our alums!) are found and the part-time students bring a wealth of relevant job experience into the classroom. Notwithstanding the two locations, the MSCF program is seamless in its design and execution.

One of the hallmarks of the MSCF program is a highly-dedicated faculty. Most MSCF faculty are based in Pittsburgh and teach New York students by means of in-person visits and live, two-way audio and video video-conferencing. Typically, the instructor is present in New York for two of the seven lectures in each seven-week course. Faculty arrange their visits to include "office hours," especially before exams, so that students have the opportunity individually and in small groups to meet with faculty. Courses also have a website on which assignments are posted and where students can post questions. Faculty remain in New York following the teaching of the lectures for discussion and social events. Faculty also come to New York for other MSCF events, including orientation dinners, graduation dinners, various student gatherings, and alumni reunions.

All lectures and recitation sections are recorded electronically and made available for the duration of the academic year.

MSCF Alumni Naquiyah Ghadiyali and Amanda Ott discuss how students in the MSCF program work together throughout the program and form strong relationships.

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