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Living Costs

It’s no secret that rents in NYC are high - very high, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t deals to be found, it just takes some time and patience and a little flexibility. If you simply MUST live “in the City” then be prepared to spend anywhere from $1300 per month for a small studio to $3000 for a nice-sized one bedroom. (Roomates, anyone? An excellent idea!) One great resource for apartment hunting here is Craigs List, a virtual bulletin board for everything New York that is updated daily and is thought by many to have the best deals around. Other places to check out are the New York Times and The Village Voice. Beware, if you plan on employing a “broker” to assist in your housing search. Be sure to ask for their fee up front. These fees can be quite steep but entirely worth it to get that special apartment.

If you are willing to live “outside the City” things lighten up quite a bit. The Broad Street campus is at the lower tip of Manhattan, very close to Brooklyn, Staten Island and Jersey City, all of which are accessible by a short (10-15 minute) ferry ride. Once you have your housing squared away, you will find that most other things have a broader range of price. New York is known for its restaurants and small corner markets both of which allow its residents to “eat cheap” or dine in style.

For affordable temporary housing consider Jazz on the Park hostels.

NY Transportation

Getting around New York is an exciting adventure of its own. The city boasts a mass transit system to rival most others, with our world famous Subway system, buses if you prefer to travel above ground, taxis if you are looking for a wild ride, and ferries if you need to cross either of the surrounding rivers. Of course, the best way to see and learn the city is to travel the way most New Yorkers do - by foot. There is so much to see everywhere you turn, every neighborhood is worth a good stroll when getting to know the city. And yes, people do drive here, but the traffic and parking restrictions (not to mention parking prices!) are enough to make most folks leave their cars at home.

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