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The Tepper School of Business prides itself as a pioneer in management research founded in analytical principles that produce innovative insights into the application of modern-day business issues. The hallmark of our program has been a commitment to an academic experience that spans the spectrum of decision-making basics to teaching knowledge at the frontier of existing and emerging industries.

For more than 55 years, our faculty community has been guided by one core truth:  long-lasting impact is driven by knowledge and research that transform business practice. Relevancy is a well-understood tenet at the Tepper School. The indelible influence of our research has been demonstrated across a range of companies and industries, throughout the world's economies and on the front line of day-to-day management performance.

One look at the research journals tells the story: despite our small size, Tepper faculty members hold the top editorial positions at the leading finance, organizational behavior and economic journals. We don't simply "teach information." Tepper professors are prized for a learning approach that gives students an immediate advantage in their ability to make a significant impact upon organizations.

Students have access to new knowledge, modeling techniques and business theories years before the findings become available in journals and textbooks. Bridging theory and application, Tepper faculty consistently rank among the world's best for intellectual capital.


1 : 5 Faculty-to-Student Ratio

Our faculty-to-student ratio is advantage produced by our small size and collaborative, team-based culture. Students have access to professors, researchers and experts both inside and outside the classroom.

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