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Tepper School of Business


Our curriculum is both general and flexible. We aim to produce fast learners rather than specialists. We recognize that Tepper graduates may work in areas that do not even exist today, so we prepare them with skills for the future. Our track specialties are rated among the best business undergraduate programs in the world.

Please review our four year course plan.

Our academic requirements are broken into seven components. Students must complete 364 units to graduate. Courses are normally 9 units each.

Business Core 
The essential elements on which the practice of leadership for all business is based are found in the Business Core courses.

Breadth Requirements
Business, global business in particular, requires broad knowledge of people and culture that is at the basis of all human understanding.

While the practice of business is general, in-depth knowledge creates strengths for accessing careers and further study.

Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing 
The use of quantitative information in management decision making is the hallmark of Carnegie Mellon business education.

Quantitative and theoretical knowledge about resource allocation creates the foundation for understanding business policy and practice.

Professional Service Project 
Professional and social networks can be cultivated through service in professional or community organizations.

Additional Requirements:

Class of 2009-2011:
General (Free) Electives 
The unique feature of our undergraduate business curriculum is found in electives that give you the ability to explore other areas of interest. Students must take 3 to 4 courses of their choice to meet the 364 unit graduation requirement.

Class of 2012 and later classes:
A minor outside of the Tepper School of Business
The minor allows students to pursue other areas of interest in greater depth, to master certain skill sets not emphasized in the business curriculum, and to interact with faculty and students from other schools at Carnegie Mellon. There are over 50 minors offered at Carnegie Mellon including those from Carnegie Institute of Technology, Mellon College of Science, College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, and the School of Computer Science. A minor normally consists of six courses.

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