Tepper Magazine

    • Is There an Economist in the House

      Fall 2015

      Confronted by a surge in data to track common consumer dilemmas, economists have moved out of academia and into the everyday, applying frameworks and formulas to help the world make sense of it all.

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    • Marketing's Friendly Takeover

      Spring 2015

      Muscled up on big data and analytics, Marketing is shouldering its way to the top of the org chart.

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    • Defining Moment: David A. Tepper Quadrangle

      Fall 2014

      The Tepper Quad inspires visions for taking the campus and business education into the future.

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    • Leadership Renewal: Leaders Are (Usually) Taught, Not Born

      Spring 2014

      The strongest business leaders are strategic, empathetic and analytical, a rare combination of skills that the Accelerate Leadership Center's coaching sessions help students to develop and master.

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    • Made in America: Is U.S. manufacturing poised for a strong comeback?

      Fall 2013

      Are U.S. factories poised for a strong comeback? While there are early signs of a resurgence on the horizon, our alumni experts and faculty weigh in on trends that warrant both optimism and caution.

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    • Reality. Check. From classroom to boardroom to factory floor.

      Spring 2013

      A real-time, corporate laboratory, the MBA capstone course – Managing the Enterprise of the Future – pairs students and executives in high-level experiential learning aimed at changing business practice.

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