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Section 5: Academic Resources

5.1       Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are available online. Students must fulfill both the prerequisite course requirements and any other requirements (e.g., a minimum grade of “B+” in a prerequisite course) to take certain MBA courses. Only the course professor may make exceptions to these rules. Prerequisite courses are listed on both course descriptions and course schedules.

Course information is available on the Tepper School Current MBA Student Web site (click on Course Schedule). This site is an essential tool for course planning. It is not a registration site. The course schedule lists the number, title, professor, section, days, hours, room and any prerequisites for each course.

5.2      Course Packets

MBA course packets are distributed from the Tepper School copy center at no cost to students. Required textbooks and other course related materials are at the student’s expense. Only students whose names appear on the course roster will receive course materials; those on the waiting list will not.

All reading materials for a dropped course must be returned promptly. Student will be billed for the cost of un-returned materials and may not receive materials for other courses they add.

5.3       Academic Calendar

The MBA students academic calendar, issued by the Student Services office, is the official calendar for MBA students. This calendar differs from the official Carnegie Mellon calendar and has additional Tepper School specific dates. Students are advised to review the Tepper School MBA academic calendar carefully and use it to plan for key dates and commitments. The calendar can be found at:

5.4       Academic Advising and Tutoring

Each student is assigned an academic advisor from the Student Services staff; however, if your advisor is not available, students should feel free to talk with anyone in the office.

Students experiencing difficulty in a specific class should consult with the faculty member and/or the course TA first to see what class resources are available. Most required courses have TA sessions or review sessions as well as office hours with the TA or faculty member. Your Student Services academic advisor will advise you of the process for acquiring a tutor.

5.5       Examination Schedules

All final examinations occur at the end of each mini-semester. Exams may be given in the evenings and on Fridays and Saturdays. Mid-term and final exam schedules are listed in the academic calendar and are also posted on the web.  Students are responsible for knowing the current examination schedules and are expected to take exams on the date(s) they are given.

5.6       Course and Faculty Evaluations

The Tepper School community relies on input and feedback to help drive improvement. Each mini during the final weeks of class, students evaluate both the course and faculty for each class they take. Student participation in this evaluation process is essential and the faculty, administration and the Graduate Business Association take this process very seriously.  Evaluation results aid in (1) better decision making for future students considering registering for specific courses, (2) shaping/improving courses for future iterations, and (3) providing a primary tool used for tenure and promotion decisions for faculty. The expectation is that students will complete all of their course evaluations and use the document to provide honest and comprehensive information for the faculty member(s).

Evaluations are online and may be completed at any time during the evaluation period, but time is set aside in each class for students to complete their evaluation. Statistical results of past evaluations are available online at: Summary Evaluation Results.

5.7       Transcripts and Unofficial Grade Reports

Only Carnegie Mellon’s Registrar’s office may issue official transcripts. You may also contact the Registrar’s office to receive enrollment and degree verifications.

University policy prohibits the release of grades over the telephone, by fax or by e-mail.

5.8       Bright Ideas

Do you have a question, a suggestion, an idea or topic you would like to discuss, and are not sure who in the Tepper School to contact?  Bright Ideas may be the resource you are looking for.   Use the link below to submit your question, suggestion or idea to the MBA Student Services office. Your submission will be acknowledged and forwarded to appropriate individual(s) in the Tepper School for response.


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