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Accelerate Leadership Center

Accelerate offers a premier leadership development experience and aims to enhance cutting-edge quantitative analytical skills with essential leadership and communication behaviors. Its great strength is its focus on individual assessment, reflection, action and growth.

Accelerate Leadership Center is the headquarters for all co-curricular support of leadership development within the Tepper School of Business. Dedicated to the development of leadership and communication skills for our graduate students, it prepares today's students for long-term successes.


The Accelerate Leadership Center brings together several key components:

  • Accelerate Leadership Program (for MBA students)
  • One-to-one leadership coaching (for MBA students)
  • One-to-one Communication Coaching (for MBA, MSCF, and PhD students)
  • Customized Workshops and Training

The Accelerate Leadership Program

The Accelerate Leadership Program complements the Tepper Full-Time, FlexTime and FlexMBA curriculum by providing personal leadership development opportunities outside the classroom setting.

Through Accelerate programs and workshops, students will learn how to:

  • Influence people to contribute willingly for the good of a group, unit, or organization.
  • Coordinate and guide people toward goals within today’s competitive global environment.
  • Exert leadership through action: identify goals and objectives and facilitate progress towards those goals.
  • Employ outstanding communications to determine and accomplish individual and collective goals.


Welcome To Accelerate!

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We at Accelerate are excited to help you discover and develop your leadership potential.
- Director, Laurie Weingart

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