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Students who have a strong passion for technology should seek professional opportunities beyond the traditional on-campus recruiting avenues provided by the school. To this end, each year, the Business & Technology Club partners with the Tepper School Career Opportunities Center and the Office of Alumni Relations to organize professional business networking treks to geographic locations that have a high concentration of technology-related employers.

These treks provide students with the opportunity to gain a broader exposure to technology-related career information. Students participate in treks to learn about the companies, meet with local alumni to understand their career paths, and converse with corporate recruiters to understand the various tech-related job opportunities for MBAs. These treks are organized, funded, and run by students on their own time.

Upcoming Treks

New York City / Seattle
Fall Semester - Break between Mini 1 and Mini 2
Bay Area
Spring Semester - Break between Mini 2 and Mini 3

Participating Companies

Some of the companies that Tepper School students have visited include:

New York City / Seattle
Google, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Bloomberg, (NYC) & Boeing, Expedia, Amazon, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Philips (Seattle)

Bay Area
Medallia, HP, LinkedIn, EA Games, Yahoo!, Juniper Networks, VMWare, SAP, Google, Zynga,, eBay, NetApp, Symantec
In the past, the B&T Club treks have also visited Adobe, AMD, Apple, EMC, Nokia, Intel, PayPal/eBay, Walt Disney, Kla-Tencor, Cisco, and Facebook.


Host A Student Trek!

Hosting the B&T Club on one of our treks is a great way for corporations to get to meet some of our members first-hand.

Fall Trek

For questions on the fall trek, please contact:

Gerald Teo

Winter Trek

For questions regarding the winter trek, please contact:

Daniel Dallala

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