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Case Competitions

We invite companies of all sizes to reach out to our club to host (or participate in) technology based case or innovation competitions at Carnegie Mellon. The Business & Technology club has previously conducted annual competitions in cooperation with Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Bank of America.

The Amazon case competition is a Tepper-only School challenge, while the Bank of America case competitions have required cross-campus teams to be formed from the schools of Computer Science, Design, and Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

These are fantastic opportunities for companies to attract talent, obtain primary research, and gain fresh perspectives, all while contributing to students' educational experiences. Companies have successfully used these competitions to identify and recruit top talent from all three schools.

Amazon Case Competition

Teams of 3-5 MBAs compete to provide compelling solutions to business cases in the Amazon Case Competition. The presentations are delivered in front of judges that are both physically present and Tepper and virtually contributing live from Seattle. Prizes typically include a guaranteed first round interview with Amazon.

Bank of America Campus Challenge

The Campus Challenge is a cross-campus team-based competition that tests students technical and business knowledge against other students around the world. The idea is to solve real business challenges using innovative techniques. Teams are made up of MBA students as well as Computer Science and MSIT students. The competition is two phases:  Phase 1 among the teams at CMU, and Phase 2 between the winning teams from universities around the world.

Microsoft Firenze

Microsoft Firenze is an annual innovation competition, which has multidisciplinary student teams from the engineering, business, and design schools from selected top universities to focus on a specific problem area and come up with innovative ideas. The selected problem areas are of significant strategic value and of a current focus to Microsoft. The problems are backed by Microsoft groups in the consumer space. This ensures that the student teams receive support from Microsoft teams while they work across their disciplines and generate some great ideas!

Yahoo! Hack Pitch

The Yahoo! Hack Pitch is an annual competition focusing on entrepreneurship and fostering innovation by combining students from the Tepper School of Business with those from CMU’s School of Computer Science. The first part of the competition is a part of Yahoo!'s HackU contest in which developers create a working prototype of a software application within 24 hours. The teams that are involved with the Hack/Pitch are guided by MBA students to create marketable software prototypes. In the second part of the competition, MBA students pitch the product and a business model to monetize the product to a panel of mock investors.

For questions about current case and innovation competitions that the B&T club hosts, or to work with the club to create a new competition, please contact Graham Gibson at or Harsha Hegde at

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