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SABA will be conducting a cricket tournament. We will introduce the most popular game in India to the Tepper community and given an opportunity for students to bond over a friendly game of cricket.

Bollywood Night

SABA’s signature event. Have a bash dancing to the latest Bollywood tunes while getting to know your new classmates. Check out our photos below to see the fun we had last year.

Career Prep Sessions

SABA will have a series of resume reviews, alumni presentations, and sessions on business etiquette etc. to prepare members in their internship and full time job search. These sessions are extremely useful for international students in understanding the American culture and ways of networking and interacting. These sessions will continue through the academic year.


Come October – SABA organizes its largest event of the year. Your chance to shake a leg with Prof. Kekre , feast on awesome Indian food and celebrate Diwali with a bash with your Tepper family.

India Business Conclave

SABA’s new initiative for the year focusing on business opportunities and growth in India. This will be a day long event with top executives from Indian companies or companies with global presence or MNC’s with strong Indian presence focusing on:

1. Doing Business in India- Opportunities, future trends and experiences
2. How can Tepper students contribute to this growing and dynamic economy?

Game Night/Movie Night

SABA will organize game nights/movie nights through the year to encourage interaction among members in a friendly setting. Times to relax and enjoy some good food and music with your friends and family.


The epic event where Tepperonis immerse in color, play till they fall and drench in colored waters. Open to whole of Tepper, this event organized in the last mini, is one of the most memorable events of your Tepper life.

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