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Ongoing Research

The research focus of our program directly translates in their early involvement in research projects. Our doctoral students work closely with faculty members to produce high quality research in several relevant marketing topics.

What issues are we currently working on?

  1. Vineet Kumar, Ramayya Krishnan, and Baohong Sun (2009), "Measuring Effect of Promotion through Social Network".

  2. Jian Ni, Laurens Debo, Sunder Kekre and Baohong Sun (2009), "Channel Motivations in Emerging Markets: An Empirical Analysis," (under revision at Management Science)

  3. Alan Montgomery and Marcel Goic (2009), "Making Better Pricing Decisions with Implied Priors"

  4. Young Huh, Joachim Vosgerau, and Carey Morewedge (2009), "Food for Thought: Top-Down Processes Moderate Sensory-Specific Adaptation"

  5. Meng Zhu, Joachim Vosgerau and Ajay Kalra, "Salience Can Make Positive Information More Influential Than Negative Information"

  6. Meng Zhu, Joachim Vosgerau and Uri Simonson, (2009), "The Beauty Penalty: Attractive people are Discriminated against for Analytical Tasks"

  7. Peter Stuettgen, Joachim Vosgerau, Peter Boatwright and Claude Messner (2009), "Salience Can Make Positive Information More Influential Than Negative Information"

Publications by our recent students (with CMU faculty members):

  1. Zhu, Ting and Vishal Singh, "Spatial Competition with Endogenous Location Choices - An Application to Discount Retailing", Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2009, 7(1),1-35.

  2. Zhu, Ting and, Vishal Singh and Mark Manuszak, "Market Structure and Competition in the Retail Discount Industry", Journal of Marketing Research, Forthcoming.

  3. Zhu, Ting and Vishal Singh, "Pricing and Market Concentration in Oligopoly Markets", Marketing Science, 2008, 27(6), 1020-1035.

  4. Gordon, Brett R. "A Dynamic Model of Consumer Replacement Cycles in the PC Processor Industry", Forthcoming in Marketing Science.

  5. Gordon, Brett R. and Dennis Epple and Holger Sieg, "A New Approach to Estimating the Production Function for Housing", Forthcoming in American Economic Review

  6. Dennis Epple, Brett R. Gordon and Holger Sieg, "Drs. Muth and Mills meet Dr. Tiebout: Integrating Location-Specific Amenities into Multi-Community Equilibrium Models", Forthcoming in Journal of Regional Science

  7. Chen, Tao, Baohong Sun and Vishal Singh, "An Empirical Investigation of the Dynamic Effect of Marlboro's Permanent Pricing Shift" Marketing Science, forthcoming.

  8. Chen, Tao, Ajay Kalra and Baohong Sun, "Why Do Consumers Buy Extended Service Contracts?" (forthcoming in Journal of Consumer Research).

  9. Li, Shibo, Kannan Srinivasan, and Baohong Sun (2009), "Internet Auction Features as Quality Signals," Journal of Marketing, 73 (1), 75-92.

  10. Shibo Li, and Ajay Kalra (2008), "Signaling Quality through Specialization," Marketing Science, 27 (2), 168-184.



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