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Alan Montgomery


Associate Professor of Marketing




    * University of Illinois at Chicago - B.S. - 1989

    * University of Chicago - M.B.A. - 1994

    * University of Chicago - Ph.D. - 1994

Areas of Expertise:

    * Marketing

Teaching and Research Interests:

    * Micro-marketing, pricing strategies, marketing decision support systems, time series analysis, analysis of clickstream data, electronic commerce.


Published Papers: 

    * Prospects for Personalization on the Internet

      Journal of Interactive Marketing 23, 2009; 130-137.

      (With: Michael Smith)

    * Choice in Interactive Environments

      Marketing Letters, 2005.

      (With: J. Steckel, R. Winer)

    * The Implementation Challenge of Pricing Decision Support Systems for Retail Managers

      Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry, Forthcoming 2005.

    * Modeling Online Browsing and Path Analysis Using Clickstream Data

      Marketing Science, forthcoming.

      (With: Shibo Li, Kannan Srinivasan, John Liechty)

    * Modeling Online Browsing and Path Analysis Using Clickstream Data

      Marketing Science 23, 2004; 579-595.

      (With: Shibo Li, Kannan Srinivasan, John Liechty)

    * Analysis of Consumer Packaged Goods Shopping Trips Across Retailer Formats and Stores

      Journal of Business, 2004.

    * Designing a Better Shopbot

      Management Science 50, 2004; 189-206.

      (With: Kartik Hosanagar, Ramayya Krishnan, Karen Clay)

    * Learning About Customers Without Asking

      The Power of One, 2003; 122-143.

      (With: Kannan Srinivasan)

    * Reflecting Uncertainty About Economic Theory When Estimating Consumer Demand

      Advances in Econometrics, 2002.

    * Applying Quantitative Marketing Techniques to the Internet

      Interfaces, 2001.

    * Identifying Web Browsing Trends and Patterns

      IEEE Computer, 2001.

    * Applying Quantitative Marketing Techniques to the Internet

      Interfaces 30, 2001; 90-108.

    * Consumer Shopping and Spending Across Retail Formats: A Multivariate-Tobit Model

      Journal of Business 77, 2004.

      (With: Edward Fox, Leonard Lodish)

    * Estimating Price Elasticities with Theory-based Priors

      Journal of Marketing Research, 1999.

      (With: Peter Rossi)

    * Why Analyst Overconfidence about the Functional Form of Demand Can Lead to Overpricing

      Marketing Science, 1999.

      (With: Eric Bradlow)

    * Forecasting the U.S. Unemployment Rate

      JASA, 1998.

      (With: Victor Zarnowitz, Ruey Tsay, George Tiao)

    * Hierarchial Bayes Models for Micro-Marketing Strategies

      Case Studies in Bayesian Statistics, 1997.

    * Creating Micro-Marketing Pricing Strategies Using Supermarket Scanner Data

      Marketing Science, 1997.

    * A system-independent graphical user interface for statistical software

      Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 1995.

      (With: Ming Liu, Ki-Kan Chan, Mervin Muller)

    * Determinants of Store-Level Price Elasticity

      Journal of Marketing Research, 1995.

      (With: Stephen Hoch, Byung-Cho Kim, Peter Rossi)


Working Papers: 

    * The Impact of Shopbot Use on Prices and Price Dispersion: Evidence from Online Book Retailing

      July, 2009.

      (With: Michael Smith, Zhulei Tang)

    * Making Better Pricing Decisions with Implied Priors

      March, 2009.

      (With: Marcel Goic)

    * Introducing the Right Product to the Right Customer at the Right Time: An Empirical Investigation of Customer-Centric Cross-Selling Campaigns for Financial Services

      January, 2009.

      (With: Shibo Li, Baohong Sun)

    * Automatic characteristics generation for search keywords in paid search advertising

      September, 2007.

      (With: Pengxuan Liu)

    * Teaching Analytical Marketing Strategy

      March, 2006.

    * When Auction Meets Fixed Price: A Theoretical and Empirical Examination of Buy-it-Now Auctions

      March, 2004.

      (With: Xin Wang, Kannan Srinivasan)

    * The Effects of Advertising on Customer Retention and the Profitability of Auctions

      February, 2003.

      (With: Xin Wang)

    * Modeling Category Viewership of Web Users with Multivariate Count Models

      July, 2002.

      (With: Shibo Li, John Liechty)

    * Using Clickstream Data to Identify World Wide Web Browsing Trends

      February, 2000.

      (With: Christos Faloutsos)

    * Should Record Companies Pay for Radio Airplay? Investigating the Relationship Between Album Sales and Radio Airplay

      January, 2000.

      (With: Wendy Moe)

    * Long-Term Growth Trends in Private Label Market Shares

      November, 1999.

      (With: Stephen Hoch, Young-Hoon Park)

    * Using Clickstream Data to Predict WWW Usage

      August, 1999.

Editorial Boards:

    * Marketing Science (Editorial Board), 2005-

    * Journal of Interactive Marketing (Editorial Board), 2002-

    * Journal of Business and Economic Statistics (Associate Editor), 2001-

    * Review of Marketing Science (Editorial Board), 2001-

    * Advances in Econometrics (Guest Editor, Volume 16, Econometric Models in Marketing), 2001 

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