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Essay Questions

Short Answer 1 (Maximum 250 words):  What is your professional goal immediately following graduation from the Tepper School?

Short Answer 2 (Maximum 250 words):  What are your long term career goals?

Essay 1 (Maximum 500 words): What transferrable skills have you developed that are related to your professional goals outlined above in the Post-MBA Goals short answer?  Identify and explain the skills that you will need to develop or enhance. Specifically, how will the Tepper MBA help you achieve these goals?

Essay 2 (Maximum 300 words):  Describe a defining moment in your life and explain how it shaped you as a person.

Essay 3 (Maximum 300 words):  How will your presence in the Tepper MBA program benefit your fellow students? How will you contribute to the school as a student and as an alumnus?

Optional Essay (Maximum 500 words):  Is there anything else that you think we should know as we evaluate your application? 

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