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MBA/Public Policy & Management

The MBA/MSPPM is a 2.5-year (5 semester) program beginning in August. This program is designed to educate strong candidates whose professional careers require an understanding of the interface between the private and public sectors and issues that span management of business enterprises and public or not-for-profit organizations. This program is offered by the Tepper School of Business and the H. John Heinz III College of Public Policy and Management.

Program Structure

Students will begin at Tepper in their 1st year and must take 162 units of required core courses, which include 90 units of required core courses, and 72 units of required electives. Students must also meet all MBA requirements such as Management Game, Core Elective Requirements, Concentrations and Breadth. Students are required to take 108 units of course work at Heinz, which includes 66 units of required courses and 42 units of concentration and elective courses.  

Students are responsible for 3 semesters of tuition to the Tepper School at the MBA full-time rate and two semesters of tuition to the Heinz College at the full time rate. In the first year, students will pay tuition for two semesters to Tepper at the MBA full-time rate. In the second year, students will pay tuition for two semesters to Heinz at the full time rate. For the final semester (5th) students will pay for one semester to Tepper at the MBA full time rate.


Each applicant must apply and satisfy the admission requirements of both the MBA program at the Tepper School and the MSPPM at the Heinz College. The deadline for applicants is the same as the deadline for the regular Masters programs. Students are required to apply to both programs prior to enrolling as a student; however, 1st year MBA students may also apply during their 1st year of their MBA studies, but must meet the application deadline for the MSPPM program.   Each applicant is required to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test.

Dual degree students will have full access to the services provided by both the Tepper School of Business and Heinz College. Each student will be granted equal access to both open and pre-selected interviews scheduled by the career offices and the resumes of the students will also be included in the resume books under a special heading.  

For additional information, please contact Annie Dolan, Associate Director of Masters Admissions for the Tepper School, and Heinz-specific admissions questions, please email the Heinz Admissions Office.

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